Thursday, September 5, 2013

Best Time All Summer...

We had an amazing summer, full of lazy days, swimming and summer play. But, by far, the highlight this summer was our time spent with Grandma, Papa, Uncle Micah and Hannah!

'Is that their plane???' The kids looking and hoping!
Sarah kept telling me she had butterflies!
I think I was more excited! Even with camera ready, I completely forgot to take pictures of them as they came around the corner of the airport waiting area! Oh the hugs were grand! And a few tears too!
Here are some of the fun snuggles we got with Grandma, Papa, and Hannah...

The best father (in law) in the world....
We hadn't seen Hannah for a couple of years! Sarah
had no idea Hannah was coming and was so surprised when she saw her!
 They had so much fun together!
Oh the silliness! We laughed so much!
Such a beautiful picture!
Micah was pretending like he was looking in Ellie's ears with her doctor's kit.
Ellie and Eli LOVED their time with Micah!
Papa was getting smothered with hugs from the boys!
Micah, Andrew and Grandma snuggles
Since Grandma and  Papa, Uncle Micah, Hannah and Aunt Kimberly (who wasn't able to come :( )
are so far away, we rarely get to spend our birthdays together. So we decided to have a gigantic birthday for the cousins! Each one got a round cake with their name on it and with a decoration that matched their personalities! It was so so fun!

Blowing out the candles...
Tracie (my sis) and her hubby and kids, as well as my Dad, joined in the celebration!

My sister's sweet baby Wesley

Eli and Pop
Eli and Aunt Tracie

Wesley lovin' him some cake

Here are the kids with their 'personalized' cakes...
Hannah with flowers and her favorite colors...
Sarah had a rainbow cake...
Andrew with a Ninja Turtle cake...
Eli and his baseball cake...
Ellie loves flowers (and my niece Rylee next to her!)

Oh we were so sad when it was time to say Goodbye. After we say our family off to the airport, we all got in the car and cried. It was such a huge blessing to have them come and see us. 

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