Thursday, September 5, 2013


After MONTHS of not being able to figure out how to post a picture on this blog, I finally talked to God about it. I really don't know why that hadn't crossed my mind before, but TODAY I asked God to fix my blog. And friends, TONIGHT He did. 
I asked my hubby to help me figure out the hows and whys to my picture posting problem, and literally in 5 minutes I had a picture posted on the blog!!!! God used my hubby to get me up and running again!
Thank you B for helping me. I love you!

God has been training me to talk to Him about everything. Every detail. Every concern. Every praise. Every thing. And this was definitely a training time for me!
My Daddy loves me a lot! wink!

So I have tons and tons of updates! But instead of going back months, I decided to start with the recent stuff....

Sarah turned 11 in August! Can you believe it? 11! Where has the time gone. So for her birthday, she invited a friend to see a 3D movie and after large Icee's and a refillable bucket of buttery popcorn, we grabbed seats in the empty theater and watched Despicable Me 2 (a cute movie by the way!).
Don't they look groovy in those chic looking glasses!!?
Sparkler candles that relit when she blew them out!
Sarah showing her 11!

We also started back school and here are some pictures from our first day!
Andrew working on his lego man - it had to reflect something about him...
Sarah loved this project!
Ellie hard at work with dot-to-dots!
Eli was proud of the color game that he completed!

Here is a picture of Sheldon - the bookworm that dropped in as our first day of school guest!

Of course we had to measure him to see if he was really an inch!

I will be posting more pictures soon! It's so good to be back up and running!!!


Anonymous said...

We love ya'll and so enjoyed our time together. Looking forward to seeing you again, soon. :) Please give all the family a great big hug and kiss from Grandma and Papa.

Anonymous said...

Had to chose anonymous because I can't remember my log in or password. Oh well, it will come to me later. :)