Monday, September 9, 2013

Houston Zoo, in rewind

OK so I'm still rewinding the year and going through all the pictures I haven't blogged about!

Toward the end of the Texas winter (which really isn't a super cold time, but apparently it was cold enough for us to bundle up), we traveled to the Houston Zoo with our precious friends, the Parker Family.

Our kids had a blast and made some wonderful memories together!
Our kids LOVE Taylor, who is one of the sweetest girls that we know.
Ellie.... such a beautiful picture. Her favorite animal was the chimpanzees.
While we were watching them through the glass, one ran over and put his
little chimp tush in her face!!! She loves that memory!
I had to post this because it appears as if the 2 chimps in the
background are having a serious conversation.

My good friend Jen and her sweet son Trey.
You know you're singing it.... ''In the jungle, the mighty jungle,
the lion sleeps tonigh.... ooooeeeeeee....."
Me and E.... The carousel was his favorite time!

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