Thursday, September 12, 2013

An 'Out of the Box' Day

I really love homeschooling my kids. The possibilities are endless when it comes to learning. I wanted to post some of the things we did yesterday, because I think it really shows how 'out of the box' homeschooling can be...

Lego Building. We had to get a 'real life' shot of S's creation!
S is working on a project that she will eventually send
in to Lego magazine!
We are learning right and left
Peanut made a fish with her hand!

E had to get in on the action

Guilty as charged!

A, taking a moment to catch the rain in his mouth!

Along with all this fun, we did our typical day of school - Math, English, Writing, Spelling, History and Science.  Plus we did some chores and had free time.

But the crown jewel of the day was the conversation I had with my son. He was learning Proverb 11:30 which says "The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life, And he who is wise wins souls.." I could tell he had no idea what a soul was and that he was curious as to how he would win one! So I began teaching him what this verse really meant. Oh if you could have seen his face as the Holy Spirit began to open his eyes to God's Truth! He was so excited! At the end of an amazing conversation, he told me he wanted to learn how to share the Good News of Jesus with his friends and our neighbor. And so next week during school, I will begin doing just that - teaching my oldest children how to share the gospel with the folks who are lost and dying and in great need of a Savior.

My journey as a homeschool mom hasn't been all peaches and cream. It's definitely been a growing process with the Lord (and continues to be)! But yesterday really encompassed what this ministry to my children is all about. I am incredibly thankful to God, that in His great Sovereignty, He set me on this path of homeschooling my kids. He leads us every step of the way!

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