Tuesday, September 11, 2012

UFOs in My Minivan

A week ago I started noticing an unusual odor in my minivan. VERY QUICKLY the odor went from noticable to outright putrid. The only way I can describe it: (this is one of those 'this smells gross, here you smell it' moments) stinky feet.... yeah that smell. Horrible. After some light searching, nothing turned up. Because it seemed to be coming from my 2 year old's car seat, my husband pulled the seat out with instructions to clean it out. Well of course once the car seat came out, I needed to vacuum the entire bag of dumped out pretzels, cheerios, graham crackers and other strange objects that had glued to the van seat. You know how this is. My oldest daughter was helping me and tadaaaaaa, she discovered the UFO. There it was, a seemingly harmless unidentified food object in a ziploc baggie, zipped up I might add, and stinking to high heaven! The funny thing is that we all took a whiff of it to verify that it was the UFO......anyway.....

God so quickly taught me a lesson on sin. Simply put, when I hide sin in my life, heart and mind, it starts stinking. And the folks around me really start 'smelling' it and become greatly affected by it - infact they really don't want to be around me. And until that sin is 'properly disposed of', it just gets stinkier and stinkier!

"I have hidden my word in your heart, that I might not sin against you." Psalm 119:11

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