Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Summer Highlights...Butterfly Garden

The catepillars(10 in all) came in 2 jars equipped with all the food they needed to grow. Bryan actually heard them eating!

When we got them, they were barely 1/2 an inch in size. Before they cocooned themselves, they had grown to atleast 2 inches. It was amazing. We could tell a difference in their sizes each day.

Here they are in their chrysalides, inside the net. Some had already come out.

We put tissues dipped in sugar water for food. It was really cool to watch them eat.

The kids were so sad to let the butterflies go. We had really become attached to them!
And no, Andrew wasn't using them for nerf gun target practice!!!

The butterflies had to be coaxed out of the net! (It was a mutual love!!!)

All but one of our butterflies flew away. This is Fat Joey. He was the last to go into a chrysalis, the last to hatch into a butterfly, and the last to be released. He was the fattest catepillar too, hence the name!!... I think something was wrong because he never flew away and he let us hold him.

Andrew is passing the Fat Joey to Sarah.

This is remarkable. I have never been able to get so close to a butterfly. What an amazing creation God has made!

Here is Fat Joey showing the beauty of his wings. We don't know what ended up happening to him - if he flew away or became part of the food chain! Andrew went outside to check on him and decided to move him close to a flower so he could eat. I was so thankful that God allowed us the amazing opportunity to observe a butterfly so close up.

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