Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Lesson Learned in Smelling Roses - Or Something....

By nature I'm a pretty serious and focused person. Very black and white about things in my life. In many ways, it's very beneficial to parenting. I have no problem laying out the ground rules for my kids and then holding them accountable. I have no issues with staying consistent to bedtimes and dinnertimes. Infact I sometimes feel like a drill sargeant when doing things like putting my kids in the car... move it, move it, move it, everybody in the car, NOW!! I know this is a big part of how God has created me. Being 'this' way, whatever you want to call it, actually keeps our 4 kid home running pretty smoothly.

There is one HUGE drawback, character flaw, downside to me being this way (well probably many, but today I'm just going to address one!)

I forget to laugh.

I've blogged in previous blogs about how God always surrounds me with laid back, stop and smell the roses kind of people. People who make me laugh at life.... my husband, my best friend Sarah, and many other precious ladies!

It is my 4th child, though, who keeps me sitting in rose bushes! Oh how God knew I would need a laid back, always into something, silly, adventurous baby to keep this very focused gal smelling roses! DAILY my little Eli does or says something that gets me laughing. Infact, my daughter Sarah and I have laughed more in the last few months, together over Eli, than we had in a long time!

For example. I was changing him the other day, and realized that I didn't have a diaper. He was in a silly mood so I picked him up, upside down, and carried him to his room. In route, that little stinker pooted in my face!

Or when I put him down for nap, we have to give kisses through the slats of the crib! And he moves down each slat, pokes his lips through and says "more".

Or how about when he yells 'Bbbbuuubbbbbbbbbbbaaaaaaa' (Bubba) at the ball field when he thinks he sees Andrew. Most of the time it's some random kid.

Oatmeal. He eats it for breakfast, lunch and dinner if we let him. He loves it! Infact the first words he says in the morning are 'oatmeal.'

A special thanks to my little photographer, Ellie, for snapping this pic...


The McNeill family said...

Oh, it was SO good to see your beautiful face! I love you! xoxox! Can't wait until JJ and Eli get to play together one day...

Anita said...

Getting so big!! :) You are both looking so HAPPY here!! Hooray!!

love, one of your Smell the Roses Ladies