Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Ellie Perspective

My daughter Ellie is an amazing masterpiece of God. I love spending time with her - she's a lot like a flower, swaying in the breeze. Very carefree and very beautiful. She has such a tender heart too. Which leads me to this little story...

Yesterday, I watched her play with her babies throughout the day. Dressing them. Combing their hair. Strolling them around our home. At one point, she stopped to tell me that one was awake and one was asleep in the stroller. Occasionally I was the doctor or the helper with putting on a new baby outfit. One time I got to hold one while she was sleeping. (I can't ever remember their names!)

Anyway, yesterday evening, as I was cooking dinner, Ellie strolled through the kitchen and announced that she was teaching her babies a Bible verse. "Which one are they learning?" I asked curiously. "Let the little children come to me, Mark 10:14" she replied. And that was that. She strolled out of the kitchen and into the den and the reality of raising my children up in the Lord hit me again. Everything I do, good and bad, Christ centered and evil, is learned by my children. Everything. One day I will stand before the Lord and be held accountable for the seeds I sowed into their lives'. Phew. A heavy thought. But the truth.

So I praised God that my sweet Ellie was teaching her babies the Bible verse we were teaching her for the week, and not yelling at them for not picking up their toys!  I say all this with a smile on my face. And I'm incredibly thankful that God is such a God of grace, gently loving me and correcting me as I go.

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