Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Peek Into February

Wow. January is almost over. The busyness of the holidays is long over. The kids are back in school. Life has returned to normal. And did I mention that January is almost over and done with? It's so important to make our days count. So often we fall into the habit of taking today and tomorrow for granted. We never give a thought to the idea that this might be the very last day that we kiss our husbands as they go off to work or give our children those sweet morning snuggles.

What if today was your last day? What would you do differently? I'm not trying to sound all doom and gloom here. But I think it's so important to live with this very real perspective. We can't forget to make the days count!

For the month of February, the weekly tools will be about purposing in our hearts to love. Each week I will put out a challenge for us to love in a way that stretches us beyond our comfort zones! Here is a peek...

Week 1: Loving God
Week 2: Loving your hubby
Week 3: Loving your children
Week 4: Loving yourself

I hope you drop by for a visit! Until then, Keep Pressing On!

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