Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tuesday's Tool - Adultery Proofing our Marriages

    Today we are going to look at what we can do to fight the temptation of adultery and build safeguards into our marriage. Just to remind you, this information came from a men's retreat that Bryan attended before we were married. The conference was called Finishing Faithful and was led by Dr. Johnny Hunt, the pastor of First Baptist Woodstock in Georgia.
     The first step to fighting temptation in marriage...building your marriage relationship. 1.Dialogue with your wife (spouse) daily - like when you were dating! 2. Date weekly. 3. And depart monthly, or quarterly.  I'm going to add a challenge to all you wonderful wives out there - be your husbands best friend. Do you remember when you were dating and everything you did together was fun? Continue in that attitude of light heartedness! Have a water gun fight with him in the back yard, do something that you know he loves to do and be excited about it! I will also add this - throw out the bedroom excuses. I will keep this G-rated and stop here, but you know what I mean by this!
     Next step... walk with God. The closer we are to Jesus, the more repulsed we are toward sin.
     Step three... count the cost. Adultery in marriage has incredibly damaging ripple effects. Multiple people are hurt (spouse, children, extended family), your integrity is now a thing of the past, your Christian testimony is marred, trust takes years to build back, and the list goes on and on....
    Next week we will address the subject of "what if found guilty?" I am so grateful for the wisdom Dr. Hunt  passed on into our marriage through this conference. My prayer is that this blesses your marriage as much as it has blessed mine!

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