Monday, July 25, 2011

Hands that are full of good things!

My friend Kelley sent this blog to me this evening. I was encouraged and convicted and then encouraged a little more... and so I have to share it with you! Before you click on the link, I just have to say that many times during my week people comment on my large number of children. They say things like:
"Bless your heart"
"You have your hands full"
"Just wait 'till they grow up"
"You think it's hard now, wait 'till their teenagers"
"You want mine (kids) too?"
I'm sure you can relate! And I'm sure you've heard your share of comments too! While I know that these are well meaning people who are merely stating their own parental experiences, this is one of those topics that really just gets under my skin! I think it's an 8th wonder of the world that someone would see a frazzled mother and say some of these things (and I normally look frazzled with spit up on my shoulder, smeared mascara from the Texas heat making me sweat profusely, and a grocery list paper clipped to a stack of coupons that Eli is eating). All that to say, here is the link!

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