Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tuesday's Tool - Found Guilty

So this week we are wrapping up part of the Finishing Faithful series by Dr. Johnny Hunt. I want to address the issue of "What do I do if I'm found guilty of adultery in my marriage?" Here are the tools from Dr. Hunt...

1. "Honest dialogue builds great strength"... being openly honest is key
2. "A good marriage is worth any amount of work you need to invest in it"...
3. "Shed the third party"...get him/her out of the picture and completely end that relationship.
4. Apology: this "is a friendship-preserver, an antidote for hatred-never a sign of weakness. It costs nothing but one's pride, always saves more than it costs, and is a device needed in every home."

I pray that these Dr. Hunt Fininshing Faithful tools have made your marriage stronger and provided necessary boundaries and safeguards. Your marriage is worth guarding and protecting, even if it's in a 'bad place.' If you need prayer for your marriage please leave me a comment or an email.

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