Thursday, November 18, 2010

Family Milestones and Other Fun Moments...

I just wanted to share a few fun pics of our family.  Two weeks ago Bryan and I celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary.  Here is a very romantic picture of the two of us in Galveston... (!!!)

Andrew also completed his first season of soccer and received a very special soccer trophy.

Here is Andrew fighting off a cold ... with his soccer trophy!! Everywhere he goes, the trophy follows!

Eli had his first bite of babyfood. He ate it even though he wasn't very sure what we were putting in his mouth! This is before... what a look of anticipation!

Here is Eli during a "yummy" bite of rice cereal!!

   And here is what Sarah looked like after she tried rice cereal!!!

Ellie enjoying her big sister role ... and Eli lovin' it!

Tracie and I took the kids to the park!
Male bonding time...

Sista love!!


The McNeill family said...

OH MY Goodness!!! I LOVE the pictures! I miss you so very much!

Mariel said...

Oh, girl, those babies (all 4 of them!) are ADORABLE!! LOVE LOVE these pics and miss you like crazy..and your little ones, too!!