Sunday, November 21, 2010

Top 8

Today I am writing about the simple things that bring a smile to my heart. Here are the top 8:
***Before you read this, please pick some elevator music to hum.

8.  The incredible length of a snot sickle from my child's tiny nose.

7.  The beauty of my children singing "shu fly" when they don't know anyone is listening and the amazement over how many times they can sing it without getting weary of the tune.

6.  The 80 degree "fall" Texas weather.

5.  The joy I get when I kill a mosquito.

4.  The awe that I have when I see how much hair is falling out of my head from all the post pregnancy hormones, yet I still support the chia pet look.

3.  The laughter that is produced when my children say things like "Mom, your arm smells like stinky salad" or "Mom, did you know that candy is healthy?"

2.  The number of lizards that congregate daily in between my kitchen window and the screen.

 1.  How attracted I feel to my husband when he kills a bear in his hunting game with his bright orange Wii shotgun.

What are yours?!?!?!!!!

1 comment:

Mariel said...

hahaha!! Mike and i love how Bryan wears his camo to kill bears on the Wii!! missing you guys in NC!!

Oh, and yes, I agree about the joy of killing a mosquito...also I love hearing my boys sing praise songs they wrote! :)