Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Blueberry Picking

Although I was raised a city girl, our North Carolina livin' gave me a taste of the country life! So when I discovered that we lived minutes away from a backroads blueberry farm, I was so excited!

This past week the kids and I went with some friends to the Griffin Berry Farm and picked fresh blueberries. Let me just give you the setting: It was 9 am and although the Texas heat is excrutiating right now, the day was overcast and the breeze was blowing. Considering the hundreds of 10-15 foot tall blueberry bushes, we were quite shaded and "cool" if there is such a thing on a summer day in Texas!

And boy did we pick some berries! The Griffins have a variety of bucket sizes and so the kids got to pick the size that fit their size! Sarah, Andrew and Ellie would load their buckets and dump them into mine. By the end of the trip we had gathered a gallon of fresh berries!! Woo hoo!!!!
So here are some pics... The family we went with is the Petry Family - Greta, Jenna, Braden and Collin. If anyone has a good blueberry recipe, send it to me!


The McNeill family said...

Oh you look so beautiful! It was sooo good to see some pictures of you and the kids! (And Gretta!) I love you bunches...

Anita said...

YUM-O!! Just eat them PLAIN!!! The bigger ones are sweeter by themselves. Put them over plain cereals (Rice Krispies, Chex, etc.). Squirt whip cream on a pile of them...or just into your mouth! LOL!! :) I guess that you could bake them in a pie, or freeze them for later, but eating them by the handful is so yummy!!

I love that they have different sized baskets...what a great idea!