Monday, June 14, 2010

Baby Provision - Part 3... God is amazing!

Today was my 37 week checkup and Bryan accompanied me to the appointment. He has gone with me 3 times throughout the last 9 months - for the 1st appointment to meet the doctor, for the ultrasound, and then today. Why is all this relevant?

9 months ago we sat in my OB's office wondering how we would manage the next 9 months of doctor's bills. It was more than we could afford. I've shared this already so I won't repeat the story. But I was overwhelmed that day with what God had set before us.

Fast forward to today. Bryan is back in the office with me and I am paying the receptionist the very last payment. I sat back down next to my sweet husband and we praised God for all He has done! It was hard to not cry - my precious Father did it, He paid the bills for us.

I am still marveling over God's baby provision...

This story isn't over obviously. But I had to share the end to this chapter in the story.

God continues to grow me with trusting Him with our finances and our future. My prayer is that these little blogs are an encouragement to your walk - and that you stand in awe with me on how God provides everything that we need.


The McNeill family said...

God is so faithful! What an amazing testimony to His provision. I miss you and love you lots!

Anita said...

Not only His perfect provision, but in His perfect timing!! Praise the Lord!!! ...the waiting is almost over, right!?! :)