Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Old Yeller or Cujo? You be the judge.

Does anyone remember that terrible movie that came out in the 70-80's ... CUJO? It was the movie about the rabid dog that terrified the people stuck in their car on a hot day. Yes my mom let me watch that movie and I will say that now I think we have a dog that is a part Old Yeller, part Cujo. I'm not kidding, one day he is a sweet puppy, full of love and licks and the next day he is mean and biting us. On the mean days, our kids run from him.

I will say that last night I took him for a walk. Now we live in a neighborhood out in the country. So it's pretty dark, except for a few street lights. When I got down to the end of our street, I saw something running toward me, in the dark. Freaked me out. I was wishing that I had Depends Undergarmets on because I almost wet myself. But with my flashlight in hand, I realized that it was just a friendly lab. Soon 2 other dogs joined us - one with 3 legs and one that looked like he should have been in the mafia with a cigar hanging out of his mouth. They all sniffed each other for a while, tails wagging. Then the party was over and we headed home. I felt like I had joined a teenage hangout for a few minutes.

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