Thursday, June 18, 2009

Puppy Love

We have always wanted a puppy and so when we found an add in the paper for a free golden retriever puppy, we made the call! Two days later we brought home 'Rusty' and the kids have had quite a bit of fun with him! Infact we spend much of our day outside with our new little puppy. I've even noticed more freckles on Sarah's nose since the dog came home! Rusty is very playful and loves to chew on arms and legs, fingers and toes. We bought him a 'wooly man' toy to try to divert his chewing passion - and he does chew on that too! He also loves ants (we have 3/4" size ones here), grass, sticks, mud, poison ivy vines... He is learning to love water and will let us spray him down in the hot afternoons. Of course then he turns from a cute fluffy puppy to a rat like creature that Andrew thinks is hilarious!

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The Harrells said...

He is so adorable! Dogs are so much fun especially with kids!