Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Miracle Friday

I just have to share this really cool story with you. Last weekend was a non-stop weekend. Birthday parties (2 in our home), a yard sale, a busy day at church on Sunday. Needless to say, by the time the week rolled around, we were slam wiped out. By Thursday, I was under the weather, still dragging my feet, still trying to get my house cleaned, laundry done, etc, etc. On top of all that, my sweet hubby was having the never ending work week - you know the one where they work at work and they work at home? Yes, that was his week. When Bryan walked in the door, I was apologizing for the horribly messy state of our home.

Side note #1: I work hard to keep our home in order. We all function so much better (my husband LOVES a clean home), have better attitudes and are a whole lot more productive when things are tidy. Granted 6 people live here so if you were to drop in during the day, the house would be a little messy. But at the end of the day, the goal is to have everything put back in its place.

Back to the story. When I went to bed on Thursday, I declared (in my mind) that Friday would be Mission: Bryan. I would get up, run and get tires put on the van, get the van inspected, go home, put my 2 year old down for nap and begin cleaning.

Side note #2: I have 4 kids, 10 and under, 3 of which I homeschool. The reality is that Friday would probably end up being Mission: Impossible.

Nevertheless, I woke up Friday with a serious goal in mind, knowing that I may not be able to get it all done, but praying that God would work it out so I could bless my husband. And I really wanted my husband to come home to a clean house and a hot meal.

We left for the tire store early. Got tires put on the car. Got the car inspected. Grabbed a quick, surprise lunch with Bryan. By then it was an hour past Eli's nap time (not good). We got home and the weather was perfect. And here is where God did a miracle in my day.

When we drove up, all my kids got out of the car and started playing outside (unprompted...a miracle). I started the housework. No one came in for anything, not a snack, not a bandaid, not a drink of water, not a dispute between siblings (which is a miracle!). Nothing. Eli eventually came in, but he sat in his room for an hour playing cars, a whole hour! (another miracle!). He had missed his nap so I was bracing for a melt down, but it never happened (miracle)! In fact, his attitude was great! (miracle) I managed to mop and vacuum the entire house, cook dinner, do 4 loads of laundry, clean the bathrooms and all the counter surfaces, put the toys away, and do some dusting - all within a 3 1/2  hour span (miracle)! When Bryan got home, he was so excited! And I praised God for all He had allowed me to accomplish. God had orchestrated my Friday in a way that allowed me the uninterrupted time needed to complete Mission: Bryan!

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I loved this post (coming from your most to-do list obsessed, OCD friend)! ;) What a great feeling to get everything in order...not always possible, but when it happens it is surely a blessing. Glad you had a very productive Friday. =)