Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Summer Highlights...Swamp People

Ok I have a confession. Every week Bryan and I watch the TV show Swamp People.
It's one of our favorites. If you haven't seen it, the show is about the alligator hunting that takes place in southern Louisiana one month out of the year.

Something you may not know about me... half my family is from southern Louisiana. So instead of ham and turkey at Christmas, we eat gumbo! I love my cajun heritage....
I digress.
So this past weekend the producers were in town casting Southeast Texans for the next season of Swamp People! Two of our favorite characters from the show were also in town signing autographs. So Bryan, my Dad and I, as well as 3 of our kids waited in line for over an hour to meet Troy and Jacob Landry! According to my Dad, the Landry's are distant relatives... who knows! It was really fun to meet two famous Cajuns!
Choot em'!
Jacob (left) and Troy (right) Landry

Sarah wasn't with us because she was away at camp!

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