Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Summer Highlights...A Visit From Grandma and Papa

In early July, Grandma and Papa flew in from NC and stayed with us! This was a HUGE treat for us!
The boys went shooting. And the girls...well we got our nails painted, had dinner at Outback and went to see Madagascar 3! (which I highly recommend - it's hilarious). Anyway, Grandma and Papa were able to celebrate Eli's 2nd birthday and my thirty-something birthday during their stay - so much fun! The bottom line is that Grandma and Papa spoiled the mess out of us! Thank you for blessing us so much with your visit. It was definately the highlight of our summer.
We love you and miss you! XOXOXOX

An absolutely beautiful picture of Ellie and Grandma! Two photogenic gals!

Nothing like Grandma's snuggles!

This is called a Grandma and Papa pileup!

Sarah LOVES her grandparents!

What a priceless picture - Sarah with her Papa...

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