Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Red Rover,Red Rover, Miss Mary, Come Over!

We love our children's pastor, Miss Mary! Although she fits into an adult category, she is no doubt a big kid at heart! She really loves kids with the love of Jesus and does an amazing job at relating to them on their level. And it shows continually - my kids absolutely LOVE her.

She has made it her goal to have a school lunch with each one of the elementary school kids at our church. This week was our turn! And because we homeschool, Miss Mary not only ate lunch with us (treating us to Chick-fil-a), but she also spent the afternoon playing outside with Sarah, Andrew and Ellie and then everyone came inside and played some boardgames. What a fun fun time!

A fierce game of headbandz!
Thank you Miss Mary!!! You are a blessing to our family!

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