Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Hunting We Will Go...

This week we did a really fun science experiment on how God created animals with built-in camoflauge so they could catch their prey! We talked about how the lions can hide in the brush because their fur is the same color as their hunting enviornment and how snakes are difficult to see because they are the same color of the ground covering. Here's what we did:

The kids ripped up construction paper and put it in a basket.

Then they sorted out M&M's and Skittles into color piles and guessed which color they'd find the most/least.

 Next they put on their preditor faces... to go hunting for the M&M prey of course...

 I dumped the candy into the basket and mixed it around so it was hidden.

 Then the kids went hunting. They had 1 minute to find as many candies as possible.

 Happy little lions and tigers.... they know they get to eat their 'prey'!

 Eli had to get in on the action!!! Can you see the chocolate on his face?

After they found their M&M's, they had to sort the colors back in the piles and see which color they found the most/least! And then we discussed why it was easier to find blue, but harder to find orange. So fun!!!!

I HIGHLY recommend this science curriculum: Exploring Creation by Apologia. It is a textbook meant to be read by the teacher to the students, and it is designed for children preschool age to 6th grade. So it's perfect for homeschool families teaching a wide range of grade levels. There are accompaning journals that you can purchase as well as a science kit, but the items in the kit are all household items, so you are basically buying convience. The book is around $35.00. We are in Zoology 3 (animals), but there is also Zoology 1 & 2 which teaches birds and fish. They also have a book on Botany and Astronomy. I hope to cover all these books over the next few years. 

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The McNeill family said...

SO so fun! I love your activity! I miss you and I teared up at the pictures. Everyone is getting so big! I love you! xoxoxoxoxo!!!!