Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ellie Art

Every day during homeschool, when Sarah and Andrew are hard at work, my sweet little Ellie draws. On construction paper, in coloring books, on notebook paper and on our dry erase board. It's what she does to pass the time and it has become part of her school. Recently, I watched her draw picture after picture of 2 happy people with a rainbow in between them. Finally she finished drawing, grabbed a target bag and packed them inside. Later during AWANA, I saw her passing them out to little friends and teachers! It was totally unprompted and it blessed my heart greatly! Here is one of her newest pictures.....

Airplane and train

These are the pictures she passed out to her friends.

Ellie made the crown that I'm wearing on my head! It says 'I LOVE YOU MOM'!
I've been wearing it all week (because hey, we can celebrate Mother's Day a few days early!)
She asked me if I'd wear it to church on Sunday, to which I replied "Absolutely!"

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