Monday, June 20, 2011

Tuesday's Tool - NRT

Our summer has been really busy and so I apologize for not getting a tool out there over the last few Tuesdays!

The tool for the day is NRT - next right thing. Many times in my life I have found myself in the midst of a difficult, faith stretching trial. And during those tough days when my mind is fighting the urge to crumble underneath the pressure of the trial, this tool helps me plow through my daily routine without getting overwhelmed with everything that has to be accomplished - like washing a dish, folding a shirt, teaching my kids, running an errand, hugging my husband. It seems so difficult to complete simple daily tasks when the refiners fire is hot and our minds are weary and worn from the trial. Doing the next right thing infront of me helps me survive those tough days.

I survived on this tool after I had Eli. My doctor had diagnosed me with good ol' post partum depression and I was fighting to stay afloat most days. If all I had to focus on was the next right thing, I wasn't too overwhelmed with the day.

Are you in a trial right now? If so, just focus on that one thing that needs to get done next. Is it a load of laundry, a hug for your child, putting chicken in the oven, reading a bedtime story? Trials are seasonal and seasons don't last forever, so it's OK if your house isn't in tiptop shape or the pile of paperwork at the office is a mile high. Eventually it will all get done.

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The McNeill family said...

Thank you so very much for posting this tool! I love you so much! It was just the reminder I needed today. I miss you bunches! xoxox