Monday, April 25, 2011

Tuesday's Tool - Love Is Kind

As we continue in our word study of 1 Corinthians 13, we see the description of love as kind.  The word kind means sympathetic, gentle and compassionate (Webster's New Dictionary). And when we look at the gospels, we see Jesus many times showing love through kind, gentle ways. He heals the sick, the lame, the blind. Feeds the hungry. Gently calls little children to sit in his lap. He continually shows people love through His kindness toward them.

My best friend Sarah is one of the most kind people that I know. She does an excellent job at showing her husband and children love through a kind, gentle and compassionate spirit. Everytime I hear her speak to her children - even when she is disciplining them - kindness resonates through her voice. My mother-in-law, Johanna, is the same. My kids know Grandma as a kind, gentle, loving woman. Why? Because she tailor makes her time with them so that they feel special and loved. She snuggles with them, cooks their favorite meals, and gives them her complete attention.

So what about you? I admit that as a mom of four, I don't show kindness as frequently as I should! My kindness tank runs out pretty quickly if I'm not focused on Christ. Suddenly I find myself responding to my family with harsh words. I have to back up and reevaluate my heart condition, asking God to help me love with kindness and not a mean spirit!

So precious friends, let's purpose in our minds and hearts to love the people around us with a kind, gentle spirit. Pray that God will open doors for you to shine His light through the kindness that you show the people closest to you and the total stranger standing next to you in the grocery store line!

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The McNeill family said...

*sniff* You are so precious to me, Jamie! Thank you for the encouraging words that I do not deserve...
I love you so much! Thank you for listening today and for your continual prayers. Your family is such a blessing to us!