Tuesday, March 15, 2011

We Rejoice!!!!

Today I gained a sister in Christ! My sweet eight year old, Sarah, recognized that she was a sinner and that she needed the forgiveness of Jesus! So we sat in the kitchen and she prayed and asked God into her heart and life!!! WooooHooooooOOOoo! We are rejoicing!!!!! She was so excited about the fact that she was no longer carrying her sin and that her heart was washed clean!

Later I shared with her that now she has the eyes of Jesus; that she is no longer dead, but ALIVE! I shared that when she looks at Scripture, it will be different than it was before today! So we got her devotional book out and looked up the March 15th devotion.  The verse was Zephaniah 3:17 "The Lord Your God is with you ... he will rejoice over you with singing" !!! We praised God that He had given her such an awesome verse on the first day of her new life with Jesus! Then Sarah looked at me and said "I think God is talking to me Mom".

Praise God! There are really no words to describe the joy in my heart right now! One day I will stand before my Father in Heaven and I will worship Him with Sarah right next to me. Awesome.

We celebrated tonight with a cake - here are some pictures of my new sister in Christ...


The McNeill family said...

We are rejoicing with your family! I had a wonderful conversation with Emma Grace about Sarah's big day and even Bella said, "Hooray!" We are praying for Sarah as she begins her new life in Christ! Love you all so so much!

Anita said...

This IS awesome!! :) Been a long day, but so happy to have a new sister!!! Love you, and you, and you, and you, and you, and you!! All six of YOU! I love you, Sarah and will be praying that you continue to hear God talking to you for your WHOLE life!!myst