Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tuesday's Tool

Last week we carved our turkeys and filled our bellies and it was quite enjoyable! And now the holiday season is officially upon us and we are completely saturated with commercials, adds, lights and people telling us to spend and buy, go to this festivity and to that celebration, eat this pie and that ham. And before we know it, the month of December will be over and what will we have done with our time? So my tool this week is really a personal challenge for myself and anyone who might join me in the endeavor to purposefully, with all our hearts, focus on what I believe our Heavenly Father would want us to do - carve out time, instead of turkeys and fill our hearts instead of our bellies!

Carve out time.  For our families and purposely spend extra time showing them love and tieing strings.
                         For our neighbors.
                         For our friends.
                         For the lost person who needs someone to lend an ear or a hand.
                         For a local charity.
You can fill in the blank with what God puts on your heart.

Fill our hearts.  Meditate on scripture - Luke gives a great account of the birth of Jesus.
                        Memorize scripture.  My friend and fellow blogger Mariel and her family are memorizing an entire passage of scripture during this Christmas season.
                        Be a good samaritan for someone (even if it is picking up a piece of trash that a stranger  dropped, your Father sees all!)
                        Sing and worship God through the wonderful Christmas music that tells the story of Jesus  birth.

Friends, this is what Christmas is all about and I'm purposing today to do just this. Over the next few weeks let me know how you carve out time and fill your hearts. And until then, Merry Christmas! Now I'm going to  watch a Christmas show with my kids!


Mariel said...

i love it, girl! carve out time and fill our hearts! amen!! sounds more like the first christmas than anything we do now!!! they had lots of time just watching animals eat and sleep in that stable and they certainly had filled hearts when they laid their eyes on that fulfilled promise in their arms!!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Love this and exactly what I'm trying to do this month. My cancer has given me rich perspective along these lines. I'm keeping what matters, and putting the rest to "rest".

Have a blessed week of carving out time and filling your heart.