Thursday, November 11, 2010

Andrew and the Beanstalk

I stopped putting my kids one liners on my blog because the blog was having troubles. But I have to share this really cute one with you. Andrew, Sarah and Ellie have been planting "seeds" in our backyard. I'm not really sure what the seeds are - I think it's a mixture of acorns and leaf parts. But anyway, they are all very confident that their planting will reap a harvest! So today Andrew went outside to check his seeds. He wanted to see if they'd made any growth progress since yesterday. When he came back inside, he said "Mom I think that there's going to be a giant beanstalk in our backyard next time I go out there." He was so serious! I was about to laugh my head off! But with the most serious face, I agreed that he should continue to check the growth of his seeds for beanstalk progress!

I love the fall air. It beckons my kids to go outside and play. Last week Sarah and Andrew spent a lot of time out by our mailbox, digging. When I would go check the mail, I would see their creativity at work. Later I found out that they were building a dirt pile for the ants. And as they watched the ants march into the their homemade mound, they were so excited that they had created a home that was ant approved!

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The McNeill family said...

Dear Andrew,
After you climb up your beanstalk, there should be a chicken who lays golden eggs up there. Please take a few home and save them for our wedding rings. I promise I'll act 'surprised' one day. wink.
Love, Wubs