Friday, August 6, 2010

Review of Bringing Up Girls by Dr. James Dobson

     Hi everyone ... I have been reading Bringing Up Girls by Dr. James Dobson and I have to admit that in the midst of having Eli, I haven't finished it yet. But I felt like I needed to go ahead and post a review of what I had already read due to the fact that Tyndale sent me the book months ago and I'm still reading.
     This brings me to the first point about this book: it is chalked full of awesome information about raising girls in today's society.  I have been combing over the information slowly trying to remember all that I can!  Dobson did a wonderful job gently, but frankly putting the truth out there about raising girls in a society where modesty and purity are a thing of the past.  And I braced for a "getting raked over the coals because I'm doing so much wrong" rebuke, but instead, Dobson pours out the grace of Jesus on his readers. 
     Point two: He has loaded the chapters with statistics.  This, for me is extremely helpful when talking with family and friends on why we raise our kids the way we do. 
     Point three: Bringing Up Girls "backed me up!" So many times I feel like I am on an island raising my girls. There is so much worldliness and lack of godliness in everything around us. And attempting to foster purity and Biblical truth leaves me feeling isolated because there aren't many people around me with the same beliefs. It is nice to know that Bryan and I are doing what is right, despite what the world is saying to us.  
    Overall, reading this book has been incredibly reaffirming and has taught me so much about how to raise Sarah and Ellie. I highly recommend any parent(s) who is raising a girl to read this book.

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