Friday, May 7, 2010

motherhood in real time - A Poem

up in the night
up for the day
breakfast to make
find time to pray

laundry piled up
3 loads to wash
bug in the kitchen!
crunch when it's squashed

unload clean dishes
dirty ones in
kitchen all cleaned up
snack time begins

homeschool in progress
teaching 2 kids
3rd one is quiet...
"Mom look what she did..."!

school is all done
lunch on the table
folding this laundry
will I be able?

nap time then play
finally feed dog
haven't sat down yet
I'll sleep like a log

clean up the toys
"Dad's almost home!"
dinner is ready
don't answer the phone

wash dirt off kids
pj's, then bed
pray with my babies
legs feel like lead

few minutes to talk
few minutes to hug
exhausted from work
2 bugs in a rug

now close my eyes
another day won
thanking my God
for what HE has done

1 comment:

Anita said...

That's great!! AWESOME!! SUPER!! :) I LOVE IT!!! How very beautiful...mostly I just stand in awe...

Love you, and your open heart!