Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Milking Cookies

Today I was sitting at the table drinking my morning coffee, bleary-eyed and trying to wake up.  My sweet Sarah looked at me from across the table and said "Hey Mom, did you know that Daddy taught us how to milk a cookie?"  Now I know that many things can be milked, but usually they are living creatures.  I didn't know if I should be impressed that Bryan could actually milk a cookie or questioning of his sanity. And all I could picture in my mind was Bryan attempting to milk a poor chocolate chip cookie with little milking parts attached to the underside of it.  "Milk a cookie? What does that mean?" I asked in total confusion.  "You know, like when you take your cookie and dip it in a glass of milk."  I was relieved.

I am so thankful for my family. And I'm grateful that in those bleary-eyed mornings when I just want to drink a cup of coffee in quiet, God provides a pick-me-up laugh that awakens my heart and mind and reminds me that He loves me so, so much.


Anita said...

LOL! Sorry, but He loves me more! ;p Heeheehee...if blessings are a sign of His love, then we are both immeasurably loved!!!

Jamie said...

hahahaaa - I am changing that last sentence!