Monday, April 19, 2010

Hearing Dad

This picture is pretty self explanatory!  However, I do want to share a really cool story about this baby.  The other night Bryan and I were watching TV and the baby was practicing his kick boxing, which is usually what he does at night! So I called Bryan over to feel how strong he was kicking.  Bryan started talking to him and he immediately calmed down and stopped kicking. It seemed like he was listening to his daddy's voice.  Bryan went back to watching the movie and the baby started up again, kicking and punching away.  So Bryan came back over and talked to him again. After a few seconds the kicking stopped!  Bryan continued to talk to him and it was almost as if he was soothed to a sleep, because all was quiet in the womb after that!!

I love the simplicity of this story.  "Wrestless" child hears from his Daddy and is calmed down.  Isn't this how we are as children of God?  If it's not, it's how God wants us to be!  God wants us to pour it out to Him, over and over, no matter what it is.  David sets a wonderful example for us in the Psalms when he records the countless times he cries out to his Heavenly Father, draining his heart of everything that is weighing him down.  Likewise, we get restless and so we go to our precious Father and He calms us, speaking truth to our hearts.  Psalm 46:10 "Be still and know that I am God." I rest in the fact that if Jesus calmed the storms and the seas, He can surely calm our hearts.


The McNeill family said...

Oh best friend you look BEAUTIFUL! I love that sweet belly! I miss you so very much.

Catherine said...

Hey Jamie you look great!!!

Anita said...

Look at you!!! "RADIANT" ...and that comment has nothing to do with the fact that we recently read Charlotte's Web together as a family...! :) LOL! Thanks for sharing the sweet story about your future kick boxing champion!