Saturday, August 1, 2009

Our Son, the Superhero...

This week we were blessed to get some really great hand-me-downs for Andrew from my Aunt and her son. One of the things we received was one of those full body swimsuits with the floatation device built in. It was a Power Ranger suit and so to Andrew is was a superhero suit with muscles built in. It also came with goggles, which Andrew wore as sunglasses! To add to the outfit, he donned cowboy boots (which were also hand-me-downs - thank you Lisa!) and BAM! he was an all out superhero boy! Later he said to me, "Mom if I pee in this when I'm swimming in Pop's pool, is that OK?"
Just a side note: When we lived in NC, we watched God supply and richly bless us in so many ways. One of those was the large numbers of hand-me-downs that we received for Andrew and Sarah, sometimes at "the last minute" and sometimes years before the need would arise. I loved expectantly waiting to see how God would provide for our clothing needs. When we moved to TX, we lost all of our hand-me-downers and so I wondered how God would provide (yes I know this is ridiculous). I sort of mourned that loss and (ashamed to say) lost sight of Jesus being the owner of a cattle on a thousand hills. So I talked to God about my faithlessness... Then Thursday Lisa called me and told me to come over and take all that I wanted of Hayden's old clothes. I took 4T-6T summer and winter items, shoes, bathing suits, PJ's. And so once again, my Father took me on an "all expense paid shopping trip"! There is so much joy in the waiting and the watching for our Creator and Provider to supply!
And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus. Phillippians 4:19


The McNeill family said...

I think Wubs heart skipped a beat when she saw Andrew in his super hero outfit! Hubba hubba! wink!
We love you!

Johanna said...

We love our superhero. What a great imagination. So looking forward to his great hugs. We love you guys.

Anita said...

I LOVE stories like these...He is ALWAYS surpassing our wildest imaginations...!! Prasie God!!!

:) Anita