Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fishy Creations

Today we made a yummy Easy Bake Oven Jello/fishy fruit snack creation that the McNeill's gave us (ashamed to say) 9 months ago. (Yes the fish fruit snacks were a little hard and chewy...) My kids had a ball! Ellie ate all but one of her fish as I was telling her to put them in the cup full of Jello. We even made an extra one for Bryan. And into the freezer they went until after dinner. Frozen jello... It never occured to me not to put them into the freezer so they were a little...frozen. But we ate them anyway. Bryan ate all of his (thus proving his kid-at-heart nature), and Sarah and Andrew had a few bites! Ellie was more interested in her Daddy's fishy Jello than her own (why do kids do that?) What a fun gift! Thanks Sarah and Wubs!!
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