Tuesday, March 3, 2009


A few days ago Sarah and I were reading the Bible together and I was looking up a specific passage to share with her. Some time went by and finally she said, "You know Mommy, you can always look in the condiments." "The condiments?" I asked. "Yes, the condiments are in the back of the Bible to help you find a Bible verse." "Ohh" was my very intelligent response to her cute mixup of words! I wanted to giggle, but she was being very helpful with her advice. So I left it at 'condiments' knowing that if I ever needed mustard or ketchup to go with my John 3:16 I knew where to look! Later at dinner Bryan told Sarah that 'concordance' was the right word for the Bible verse look-up in the back of the Bible. So now she knows the truth... but I will always think of the helpful condiments that I am looking in every time I use my concordance!


Anita said...

That's excellent! I used my "condiments" yesterday...I was looking up "hardhearted" to share some verses with Maggie...not exactly one of the sweetest "Mommy Moments" but still required, meaningful and memorable...so much wisdom to gain from the help of my condiments! What would I do without them! :)

The McNeill family said...

Achoo!cough, cough ...I want to see zoo pictures! Achoo! -excuse me-
Love you!