Thursday, November 29, 2012

Prayer and Marriage

My husband and I recently celebrated 13 years of marriage. We have a good marriage. But it hasn't been easy. Infact, we fight for it daily, weekly, monthly. And as we watch divorce destroy families, knowing that nothing immunes us from the silent monster, God impresses on my heart to pray, pray, pray. I think that prayer is the single most effective tool in marriage. Yes, applying Biblical principles in marriage is incredibly important and vital to the health of a marriage. But prayer is powerful. It is our continual conversing, listening, and pouring out our hearts before the Lord that keeps our eyes, ears, minds and hearts in tune to His heartbeat.

Isn't it so profound that we get to converse with the God who created the world? This thought amazes me.

So pray.
Pray for your husband.
Pray for God to protect your marriage from enemy attacks.
Pray that you'll both have the mind of Christ.
Pray for wisdom and continual guidance.
Pray for help, because let's face it, we are helpless.
Pray Scripture. There's nothing more powerful than praying the very words God has written down for us in the Bible.

1 Thessalonians 5:17 "...pray continually..."