Monday, July 16, 2012

A Little Christ!

Today, over lunch, our son Andrew told me that he wanted to ask Jesus to live in his heart! Our precious son has been thinking about this decision for a while. We could tell that it was on his mind because questions would pop up randomly over the subject. Bryan and I, as well as many precious people have been praying for his salvation (THANK YOU FRIENDS AND FAMILY WHO HAVE PRAYED.) And so today, as he was eating cheese and crackers, Andrew brought up sin, heaven, hell, Jesus' death on the cross and the fact that he had never asked for forgiveness of the sin that Jesus died for. He wanted to live in Heaven with God too and the option of Hell bothered him greatly. When I told him he could ask Jesus to live in his heart anytime, including today, Andrew jumped at the chance! So we made a quick phone call to Daddy (in which Andrew started crying because he was afraid Bryan would say no and I had to reassure him that Daddy and Mommy would absolutely want him to pray if he wanted to..!!!) Then we put Bryan on speaker phone and Sarah, Bryan and I listened to Andrew tell Jesus that he wanted to live with Him in Heaven and then ask Jesus to forgive him of his sins. What an absolutely amazing, priceless, indescribable moment.

Afterwards, Andrew was so so excited and relieved! He danced around the living room with Sarah, hugging and celebrating! And his face beamed all afternoon. He even went next door to tell our neighbor (who is not a Christian), that he had asked Jesus to live in his heart. Bryan's words were "little evangelist with a very big God."

It is my one heart's cry that my children choose Jesus in this life they've been given. Tonight I write this post and praise God for this great great thing He has done in Andrew's life.

As I tucked Andrew into bed, I reminded him that now he could fall asleep knowing that he was tighly snug in the arms of his Heavenly Father for forever!

The pics below are from our celebration this evening. When one of our children gets saved, our family tradition is to celebrate their new birthday (and the ones to follow!) with a birthday cake!

Happy Birthday sweet boy. You are forever my brother in Christ!

Sarah was so excited that Andrew was her new brother in Christ! She danced around the room with him after he prayed to receive Christ!!! She has been praying diligently for Andrew to be saved.
What an amazing sister...

Our children are such a blessing to Bryan and I. We never dreamed, the day we said "I do", that God had such great plans to bless us with four precious children. 

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!
2 Corinthinas 5:17


The McNeill family said...

Praise the Lord! We love you all and we are praising God for Andrew's decision to accept Jesus into his heart!! xoxoxo!!!!
ps- Love, love, love the pictures. *sniff*


So happy for Andrew and your entire family!!! =) God is good!