Thursday, June 28, 2012


Yesterday evening Bryan and I were having dinner with my grandfather. The kids were playing quietly in the back of the house. About 20 minutes went by and I realized that my almost 2 year old hadn't made a sound. My mommy alert system began to go off and I quietly excused myself to go check on the kids. When I walked to Eli's bedroom door it was closed. I mentally prepared myself for what I might find behind the shut door... (Eli is a very mischievious little guy).

I opened the door.
No weird odors.
Nothing out of place.
I could hear Eli tinkering with a toy.
I peered around the corner of the room to put eyes on him,
And there it was....

Sweet Eli emptied an entire box of diapers and put them ALL in his bed! When I walked in, he told me 'Ook' and pointed to the bed. I quickly replied "Wow did you do all this? We have to go show daddy!"
Eli was so proud of his great accomplishment....

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