Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Unglamorous Glamour of My Not-So-Hollywood Life

Motherhood. It is by far the most unglamorous thing I have done in my life. Daily I wear a snot-sicle on one shoulder and a crusty cracker slobber on the other. My eyes have dark circles from the up-and-down nights that I have most nights. And if I brush my teeth, wash my hair and shave my legs all in one day, I've had a pretty awesome day.

You know what I mean here if you have kids.

Recently my husband bought me a glamour magazine. It was loaded with Hollywood actresses, makeup tips and all the newest fads. I caught myself drooling, not over the beautifully put together outfits, but because in the few minutes I got to read the magazine, I fell asleep!

Yes, you know what I mean.

Despite the fact that I rarely have it together and feel very unqualified, I am so grateful that God has me in this job called motherhood.  Because then there are days like today when I sit down with my kids and God opens up the door to share Jesus' great love for them. Today was my moment with my son, Andrew. And as I sensed God leading me to share the gospel through some pictures I drew on our dry erase board, and as I watched God do some work in Andrew's little heart, I praised God for the opportunity that I might have missed if I was pursuing a Hollywood career (not that I had that as an aspiration or anything...!)

Right now as I peck out this blog with one hand, my littlest guy Eli is sitting in my lap looking at a picture book, doing his baby babble and congratulating himself for saying new words.

I wouldn't trade my job for all the red carpet glamour in the world! 


The McNeill family said...

You know that you're always on my A-list! wink! LOVE YOU so much and miss you dearly...

Anita said...

I'll roll out the red carpet the next time you are in town and you can take a shower, shave, brush hair and teeth and have a moment...!! ;p

Until then, keep enjoying the day to day of Motherhood...I am finding the go by SO QUICKLY!!

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