Wednesday, September 21, 2011

God's Great Love

Lately I've been thinking about God's love for us.... let me tell you why.

I few weeks ago my 5 year old son, who loves counting, began noticing yellow-green butterflies. We would be driving down the road and he would yell "Hey Mom, there's another one." So because God has created my son to love numbers, of course Andrew started counting them! Pretty soon I noticed, well I should say Andrew noticed, a continual flow of yellow-green butterflies. They were everywhere! In a 20 minute drive we would see around 10-15. And this was every time we would step outside the house. Many times they would just flutter around us while we'd be playing in the front yard.  About the third or fourth day into the butterfly extravaganza, the Holy Spirit spoke so clearly to my heart. And so I shared with Andrew what God had shared with me --
                     God was putting those butterflies there for Andrew to count because He loved him and 
                     He knew how much Andrew loved to count!
Well this fueled the fire for Andrew because now he knew that each one was fluttering by to be counted! It was also an opportunity for me to share God's great love for Andrew, with Andrew.

So today I got in the car to run an errand. Within minutes, one of my favorite songs came on the radio. As I worshipped the Lord, I realized that He had timed that song to bless me. He reminded me that His love for me is greater than I could ever imagine. (Here is the song)

So what about you, precious Friend? God loves you too! He blesses you too! And because God created us and knows us intimately, His blessings are tailor-made for each one of us.  This week, look expectantly for God to show His great love for you. And if you found yourself reading this blog and you have never known His love for you, click on the tab "How To Be Saved" (at the top of the blog). Salvation from our sins through Jesus' death and resurrection is God's greatest expressions of love for us!

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