Thursday, June 2, 2011

Family fun!

The past 2 weeks have been exciting for our family! We received a really cool swingset as a gift from my sister and brother-in-law (thanks guys!!!). We had been praying about possibly getting a swingset, but felt like it wasn't the best time to purchase one. Then we got a call from my sister who wanted to give us their swingset!  What a blessing! Here are some pics...
Bryan was assembling the swingset and Ellie was patiently waiting!

Sweet Ellie

Hugs while waiting for Daddy to finish.
Sarah enjoying the slide!
A few days ago, our youngest son started crawling... woohoo we weren't sure if he would ever hit that milestone considering he gets carried everywhere by his brother and sisters!
10 months old!

Recently we competed in a church scavenger hunt. We had to visit and take pictures at 25 different  locations around our city. We had 1 hour 15 minutes to complete the hunt and we won by one stop! Here are some of our most "memorable" moments.  We had to take a picture...
...helping a stranger load their groceries into their car.

...inside a playhouse.

...with a public official. a tree.

...drinking from the same cup.
...spelling out a word. Do you see what it is?

...sitting at a table with some random people eating dinner.
                                                  The first and second place winners!

This morning we watched our oldest son bless his little sister by pushing her on the swing. She was having so much fun and he was enjoying 'serving' his sister. It was a great moment for us to see in our children!

And last, a few days ago we caught our son making statues out of his bacon and grits! It was pretty funny!


An Army Family said...

Thanks Jamie! We have a friend who's working on her photography skill so it was "practice" for her but she has a very nice camera and lots of skills. :) Love seeing your updates!

The McNeill family said...

What cute pictures! It was SO so SO good to see all your beautiful faces! And I laughed out loud at the 'Hi' picture of Bryan and the kids laying in the lawn. Man, if I had a nickel for every family I saw creating words with their bodies out in the front yard... well, I'd have a nickel. ha ha ha! Love you!!!!!