Monday, April 11, 2011

Sunday School Party...

This past Saturday we had the great oppotunity to have our Sunday School class over to our home for some food and fellowship! Here are some of the pics...

Here are the guys playing a fierce game of badmitton...

Sarah was the halftime show for the games!  You'll have to see the result of all her halftime fun... (the last pic)

Great friends, great fellowship!

Such a beautiful combat girl!

(above) There were a few objections to me taking this picture!!!

As a fun bedtime routine, we tuck our kids in with a "snug as a bug in a rug!" Usually within seconds they wrestle out of their "cocoons" and give us big hugs and kisses! But after the party, our sweet girl (worn out from the fun) decided to stay nice and warm in her bug in a rug! 

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The McNeill family said...

I wish we could have been at your house for all the fun! One day we'll get to be together for fun events just like this!I love you and
i miss you!!!!
ps- Such a sweet snuggle picture of Sarah!!!