Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuesday's Tool

Write Bible verses on notecards and hang them around your house. This is so good for mommys. Many days our alarm clock is our children and before we know it, it's 3pm and we haven't had a chance to sit before the Lord. You will find comfort, hope, edification and conviction through those verses while you're blowdrying your hair, washing a dish, vacuuming a room, etc.... And even if you have an amazing quiet time every morning, having those verses hanging in various rooms will keep your mind on the Lord throughout the day!


Mariel said...

what a great reminder, my friend!! I have framed verses all over the house, but what really speaks to me is when i have them on changing index cards...thanks for this reminder...I am writing some right now to put up for this week!!!

miss you like crazy!! ~love, m

An Army Family said...

Jamie, thanks for the comment! He sure is HUGE. Or at least seems it to me because Landon's always been so scrawny. At 3.5 years apart, Owen is now half of Landon's weight! I like the superhero idea as well. :) We're doing okay, taking it a day at a time and hoping the kids don't hold my meltdowns against me. :) How are you guys doing?