Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Healing God

Two months ago Andrew, in all his boy ways, decided it a great idea to run and throw himself into our couch cushions - like a bull.  We warned him and spanked him, and just when we thought his rear end had finally  communicated with his brain, he did it again. But this time the results were much different. Bryan and I suddenly heard a loud scream erupt from Andrew's mouth followed by him clutching his neck. For the next minutes and hours we kept a close watch on him, but all seemed well.

A month later we started noticing Andrew's neck popping unusually when he would move it in normal motions. And the popping was so loud that we didn't have to sit near him to hear it.

So Bryan decided to schedule an appointment with a chiropractor.

A few days later we were sitting in the doctor's office while he assesed the neck problem. Then Dr. Bob looked at us and declared that Andrew had come inches away from dying that day he hit his head on the couch. He equated it to a person diving into a swimming pool and breaking his neck. We were shocked. Dr. Bob adjusted Andrew and warned him to never dive into anything again.

Fast forward a few days. I am driving down the road and it all hits me. Not only could I have buried my son that week, but God also quickly reminded me that Andrew belongs to Him. I am only a steward of what He has entrusted to me - our children, our money, belongings, home, my time ... this list goes on and on. God said so clearly to me "Andrew belongs to me and his life is in my hands."

Wow. I am speechless.

Yesterday I took Andrew back for xrays to determine if his neck had further damage. To the doctor's amazement, not only was Andrew's neck completely normal, but there were no fractures or breaks! I knew God had done a mighty thing!

So now I look at my little ones differently. I know that their days are numbered like mine. I spend more time focusing on them despite the busy daily routine. And I remind myself that these babies are not mine. They are entrusted to me for a period.

So I put this out to all my blog friends. God has entrusted your kids to you. Are you a good steward of your children? It's convicting isn't it? I am daily convicted by this thought. When you stand before your Maker, will He say "Well done, thy good and faithful servant?" So turn off the TV's, phones, radios and sit down and play with your kiddos. Teach them how to share, love each other, serve, give. Teach them a Bible verse. Spank them when they disobey - not in anger, but in love. Share the gospel with them. Tell them that Jesus loves them more than you could ever.  Tell them they are nothing without Jesus. And hug and kiss them often. One day our children will be gone- either they'll move out of our homes, onto their lives, or they'll be taken to be with their Lord. And what will we hope that we did differently? Whatever that is,let's do it now. We'll have no regrets.


Mariel said...

what a blessing to find your blog through your comment on my blog!! I so miss you guys, girl!!! Congratulations on baby#4 coming soon!! I guess TX is going well! ;)

Call me I would love to catch up! How are things going with the kids?? I am off to read through your blog...can't wait to check up on your sweet life!

love and hugs, mariel

Anita said...

WOWZERS! What a story this is...definitely makes you pause. Kind of like today when Morgan said, "I can't wait to die...I'll get to be with Jesus." From the mouths of babes, right?!? I'll be spending my time a little differently I imagine...

Love you!! Praying for a smooth transition to #4...!!