Thursday, April 1, 2010

Day At The Fair With Pop!

This past weekend Pop (my dad) treated us to an all expense paid trip to the fair! We were all a bunch of kids in a candy store! Sarah was quite the dare devil and dragged Bryan onto some of the more sophisticated rides such as the Needle and the Big Kid swings! I was really glad I was pregnant so I didn't have to ride those rides!!  Anyway, we gorged ourselves on delicious fair food and played lots of those games that take all your money, or I should say, all of Dad's money!!  Bryan tried his arm at a little baseball-breaking-glass-plates-to-win-a-prize and won!  Although he paid for that a few days later!  The kids got to ride on ponies, pet some animals, eat lots of sugar and ride all kinds of fun rides!  What a great memory  for all of us- thanks Dad!


The McNeill family said...

Oh, these pictures are so good! Pop looks great- so healthy! We especially like the picture of Bryan in the little car. Miss you and love you all so much!

Johanna said...

We miss y'all so much. Looks like everyone was having a great time.
Love you