Thursday, October 29, 2009

Whale of a Tale...Some Fall Fun

We participated in our church's trunk or treat Wednesday night and decided to decorate our minivan like the whale from Jonah and the Whale! We had a blast and actually won a prize! Sidenote: This will be the only prize our uncool, generic blue, family hauler will probably ever get! But hey, I guess it deserves it's 15 minutes of fame too!! The kids had so much fun filling their buckets with candy. We learned a little about our kids when they are offered the option of choosing which candy they want out of the bowl... Sarah - grabs handfuls. She knows this will be the only candy she'll get for free for another year, other than Christmas of course. Andrew - Chooses 2 candies, one for each hand. Very methodical about the choice too! Ellie - picks one candy and takes a lot of time deciding which one she wants! Incidentally, they give candy out the way they get it!!

We also carved our 2009 pumpkin which we affectionately named Harvey!! This was a lot of fun too. Harvey later went to the dentist and had his 2 front teeth pulled. This was necessary because Andrew was a little scared of the pumpkin and removing his teeth made him more "user friendly"!

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The McNeill family said...

Oh friend, the van looks great! I think you should drive it around as a whale all the time! It would have been extra cool if you had a sunroof and Bryan periodically spit mouthfuls of water out at the trick or treaters!

I teared up at the picture of the kids with Harvey. We love you all so much. I can't wait to kiss their little faces!